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8 Powerful Tips For Onboarding new App Users

Do you know that the average app loses 90% of its users within the first 30 days of being installed? It is now more important than ever to provide a great user experience for new users who download your app. So let’s get into our "8 Powerful Tips for Onboarding New App Users".

Hi, my name is Finola, and I'm part of the customer success team here at Pulsate. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how you can create a strong onboarding process in order to engage users and get usage beyond the download. So let's get into it.


Powerful Tips For Onboarding new App Users

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What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is basically the first time you take a first time user through your app. It's your opportunity to introduce, demonstrate, and give the best first impression of what your app is. In markets as competitive as the App and Google Play stores, you want to find a way for your app to stand out in this market. So I'm going to talk to you today about the eight benefits of creating a strong onboarding process.

Benefits of Onboarding App Users

So number one in the benefits, tell your user the benefits of why they should be using your app and not to go through all the features. Also give the option to opt out, so for users who don't want to have to go through the onboarding process, they can just opt out at anytime.

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Creating a Value Propisition

Highlight the value proposition in the first page of the onboarding strategy. Give a little brief synopsis of what the app is about. For example, look at Twitter. Get real-time updates about what matters to you. You know what the app is presenting. Foursquare helps you find places you'll love anywhere in the world. They follow this up with a strong call to action saying "Get started" so the user knows exactly what the app wants them to do next.

Choosing the Right App Colors

Follow the color scheme that is already presented in the app. Highlighted, bright colors against plain backgrounds work best as the user knows where to bring their eye to next.

Avoid Too Much Text

We live in the digital age where we like things quite fast and immediate. If you have users reading too much text, they're going to get bored, disengaged, and they're going to opt out at the onboarding process, never mind going through the app again. So the App and Play stores are great if you do have a lot of information that you want to tell your users. It's a great resource there, and you can watch Patrick's video on app store optimization.

Don't Use Jargon

Use a language that is accessible to all users. Make it human and friendly, non robotic.

Indicate Onboarding Progress

Tell your users how many steps they have to completion. This is often used illustrated with dots, numbers and arrows at the bottom of each page of the onboarding process. And also, like I said in number one, give the opportunity to the user to skip or to opt out at any point through the onboarding.

Use Onboarding Animations

This is a good way of helping your app stand out. It's fun and interesting and it's engaging and making the user experience quite unique.

Login Options

Sign up pages account for 60% of the drop off rate in the onboarding process. If it's relevant, use social login through Facebook and Twitter. And this means that users don't have to input their personal details and they're more likely to follow through and come back to your app again.

Just to recap on those eight points, we looked at the benefits of the user using your app, the value proposition, the color, avoiding too much text, using a nice friendly language, indicating the progress of where they are in the onboarding process. Also, onboarding animation is an option to use while also looking at login options as well using social login such as Facebook and Twitter.

That's it from me today. If you've any comments or queries, you can leave them below or catch us on Twitter @PulsateHQ. See you next time.

real time marketing 8 Powerful Tips For Onboarding new App Users

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