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10 Powerful Things You Should Know About Interactive Onboarding

Hi, and welcome to this week's episode on Pulsate Academy. My name is Finóla, and I'm from the Customer Success Team here at Pulsate. Today, we're going to take a close look at an app that is using a powerful interactive onboarding sequence to engage its users right from the beginning. Let's get into it.



Customer Lifecycle Marketing Series

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@PulsateHQ 10 Powerful Things You Should Know About Interactive Onboarding



One of the latest apps to join the app squad is Peach. It's a social networking app that allows you to share what's happening in your life with your friends who are also using the app. It was created by the co-founder of Vine, and has been described as a cross between Twitter and Slack. Let's take a look at how they onboard their users.

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The first screen here shows you an icon of a peach, and that's basically their branding. But when you move from that page, you're then seeing the value proposition of the app which we spoke about in other videos. As a really strong value proposition to see what's new with your favorite people, and then you have the option to sign up, or you also have the option to log in if you have an account as well. You can input a username, e-mail, and password, and then you can upload a photo as well and input your name.

When you have these steps complete, then you're brought into what's called your space. Basically you can see here that they've used the photo you input and the username you created, so you have an account once you're set up then to get going.

Then they start telling you what to do. Posting to it is a lot like saying, "Hello." Then they advise you to say, "Hello." As you start typing it, you're prompted with other functionality that they offer. They say, "here," and basically you can add your current location there.

You're wondering, "What's happening? What is this app all about?" You're learning as you go. As you type hello, then they tell you to now try posting a photo. It accesses your camera. You can post a photo. That comes up in your space. Your space is filling out all the time. Then they do the same with telling you to add a .gif, and to draw something as well.

Now you've said, "Hello," you've got a picture, you've got a .gif, and you also have drawn something on your feed or what they call your space. Then you can see, as well, that you can tag a location. They prompt you to do this also, and also to show how many steps that you've moved that day as well. Now that you have your account set up, Peach invites you to find your friends, assemble your squad, and tell a friend as well about the app. You do this through verifying your number, and then you can connect through your address book.

Something we didn't look at today is how Peach asks for permission and access to different areas of your device in order to get access to your location, and your contacts, and even your camera as well. We'll be looking at that next week in our video on permissions.

Thanks for tuning in today. Be sure to catch us on Twitter @PulsateHQ. If you haven't subscribed to the Academy, make sure you do, or leave a comment below. See you next time.

real time marketing Customer Lifecycle Marketing Series