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5 Geofence Hacks to Boost Customer Engagement

So here we are in our first ever Tactical Thursday. In some of my other videos, I’m talking mobile strategy…we’re thinking long term, how do we build exceptional mobile products, get them to market and meet customer needs. Tactical Thursday’s are the hacks and tools in between the strategies that you’ll need to make all of this work. So let’s talk about how we can hack geofencing to boost customer engagement.





Promote, Incentivize and Reward

Geofences can be an excellent way of reminding customers about a promotion while they are in the area. Previously, you may have sent a push notification earlier in the week with a coupon or some kind of offer, now is the time to remind them to pay you a visit.

“Physically interacting at the right place and time with immediate value builds loyalty and drives sales”.

You can also use a technique known as random intermittent reinforcement. The idea is to reward the customer with a treat when they are nearby. The customer perceives it as a random act of kindness and is incentivized to visit your location.

Stamp Out Promiscuous Behaviour

Geofences are completely virtual, you can place them anywhere in the world, and this is where it gets interesting. As part of your geofencing strategy you might want to consider geofencing competitor locations. Knowing when and how often ’loyal customers’ frequent competitors can add an incredible new dimension to your engagement strategy.

However, sending ‘cheeky’ push notifications to customers as they arrive at a competitor’s location might be ‘crossing the freaky line’. If you must interject, put a delay on these communications so that it happens later in the day and not while the customer is still at the location. An even better approach is to process this as an analytic event and feed it back into the overall customer view.

Remind Them The Right Way

When you connect your CRM and Loyalty system with the rest of your mobile strategy, don’t forget to remind customers how many points they have, and when they expire. Do this via a push notification when they arrive at your geofence. Bonus points if you can highlight products the customer is interested in at the same time.

Spike Feelings of Accomplishment

If your app features a check-in function, which is essentially enabling your customers to tell their social media following that they are at XYZ Company’s location, make sure to remind them of this function with a push notification on arrival at the location. Don’t forget to incentivize this with extra points, unlocking some Easter egg within the app such as social status or some kind of virtual currency. Spiking feelings of accomplishment and helping the customer ‘convey their status’ are two of the most powerful emotional loyalty switches that you can flip inside a customer’s mind.

Ask Them How They Feel

When a customer leaves a geofence around your location, you could delay sending them a communication by an hour and then ask them about their experience of visiting your company on that day. Remember to also provide an incentive for completing the survey. The customer is on a mobile device so keep it short and ask multiple choice questions rather than forcing them to type answers.