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Finóla Lawlor

Mobile Marketing Automation

4 Automated Campaigns Every Mobile Marketer Needs

Hi and welcome to this week's episode on Pulsate Academy. My name is Finóla and i’m from the Customer Success Team here at Pulsate. Last week we took a look at how you can get started with mobile marketing automation to help drive a powerful marketing strategy for your brand. Having looked at dormant users (those who were once active in your app) and power users (your brand advocates) we’re now going to take a look at First Time Users and Passers By. So let’s get into it.



4 Automated Campaigns Every Mobile Marketeer Needs To Use

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@PulsateHQ Customer Lifecycle Marketing Series [WATCH] 4 Automated Campaigns Every Mobile Marketer Needs To Use



So just to re-cap on what mobile marketing automation is; Mobile Marketing Automation is when a campaign is sent to a user after they perform a particular action within your app. It helps marketers build better relationships with their customers and ensures that your users are nurtured at every stage of the customer lifecycle journey.

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Today we’re going to take a look at campaigns you can use for Passers By and First Time Users. But first, what qualifies a user as a Passer By or a First Time user.

A first time user is straightforward - they are users that are new to your app. Sending a notification highlighting the benefits of your app or key tasks they should complete are campaigns you could send to a new user.

Passers By are users who have downloaded the app and haven’t interacted or engaged with it since downloading. You want to highlight the benefits of your app to these users and change their view on your app. Again, it’s important that the messages you send, whether to first time users or passersby are context driven and personalized. Let’s take a look at some examples.



  1. Welcome new users

“Welcome to Thai 101. Order now and get a $10 off.”

  • Opportunity to set the tone of future communication.
  • Provide discount, incentivise to bring them back into the app.
  • Copy ‘Order Now’ creates a sense of urgency.
  1. Remind users to sign-up

“Sign-up today and be the first to hear about exclusive offers on your favourite products.”

  • Remind users to create an account.
  • Highlight the benefits of doing so.



  1. Spark Curiosity

“Sarah, new lines have been added to our sale. Shop today for 50% off your favourite brands.”

  • Proactive push notification
  • Gets them back to your app
  • Deeplink to page of interest
  1. Add Value

“Mike, you can now save your favourite items and be notified when they go on sale. Try it now!”

  • Highlight the value of the app again
  • Drive action to the app
real time marketing

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